Saba Latifpour

Email: s.latifpour@aria.ac.ir





Saba Latifpour received her PhD in Ancient Iranian Languages and Cultures from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research branch in 2011 with a thesis entitled “Yazshen’s Ritual in Iran”. She is the associate fellow in the Great Islamic Encyclopedia. Dr. Latifpour has a particular interest in pre-Islamic history, culture and art of Iran. She officially started her position at ARIA as a member of academic staff in 2013 and is a member of History of Art Department.


Some of her recent publications include:

- “Vujuh-i hekmi-i manaviyat va t’asir-i an bar hunar-i manavi”, Kimiya-ye Honar, no. 14, 1394. pp. 77-94.

- “Yazshen, ayini az dowran-i Hind va Irani”, Adabiyat-i Irfani va Ustureh-Shinakhti, no.22, Spring 1390, pp. 157-168.

- Giyah-i hum va naqsh-i an dar ayin-ha va asatir-i Hind va Irani”, Tahqiqate Ta’limi va Ghanayi-i Zaban va Adab-i Farsi, no.2, Winter 1390, pp. 203-226.