Kimiay-e Honar quarterly

Founded in 2011 within the Advanced Research Institute of Arts (ARIA), Kimiya-ye-Honar is one of the few journals in the field of philosophy and history of Iranian-Islamic art, published within Iranian academia. As a peer reviewed quarterly with four issues per year, three in Persian and one in English, Kimiya-ye-Honar covers multiple topics related to the abovementioned disciplines. The journal seeks to advance research, theory and practice by dissemination of the most recent scholarly findings. It aspires to promote academic endeavors and to foster understanding of art-based interventions, past and present. To this end, our journal contains historical, philosophical, theoretical themes and disciplines. We strive to be a platform for a variety of research approaches and subject matters, to encourage critical inquiry and to serve as a resource for researchers, educators, as well as art practitioners. 

All submissions are selected on the basis of their quality and the contribution they make to the existing knowledge of the filed. The main preference of the journal is interdisciplinary methodologies, descriptive, philosophical and historical inquiries and other newly arrived approaches. Individual case studies or short studies are rarely accepted. However, an innovative case study or a new, well-informed and well-balanced study or a new analysis may be deemed exceptional for publication due to its unique contribution to the field.