The Department of History of Art focuses primarily on history of Iranian visual arts. It aims to contribute to its recognition, evaluation and appreciation throughout history. Since every work of art is perceived as a cultural document, the department intends to study a variety of these documents in the historical context of Iranian plateau and its culturally influenced neighbors by means of archeological findings and studies, museums, collections, fieldwork studies and works of contemporary art. Because of the vast scope that this department is aiming to cover, it is divided into three “Pre-Islamic”, “Post-Islamic”, and “Contemporary” sub-departments. As part of its activities, this department also tries to achieve the following goals:

  • Introducing methods and approaches of Art History from classical era to the New Art History
  • Exploration of various kinds of Iranian arts and their historical backgrounds
  • Study of artistic characteristics of each epoch
  • Introducing the itinerary and development of artistic schools and styles in Iran
  • Articulating influences and impacts of Iranian artistic and cultural movements on other artistic forms and tendencies outside the Iranian Plateau

To achieve these goals, the department’s activities are mainly realized through the following formats:

  • Holding sessions, seminars and conferences, both national and international
  • Holding workshops and short courses
  • Supporting proposals related to the department’s goals
  • Inviting prominent researchers and art practitioners to collaborate with department’s committees or to propose research collaborations