Since contemporary arts have become increasingly associated with multiple functions of social, economic, political, historical and technological aspects of the humanity, art criticism would only make sense when is conceived in relationships with the arts and other intersections. To provide a ground for studies of such issues, the Department of Art Criticism focuses mainly on theoretical basics of the arts and their criticism, theory and philosophy of art, schools, methods and history of art criticism, hikmat, art theory and interpretation. As part of its activities, this department also tries to fulfill the following goals:

  • Dissemination of the culture of criticism
  • Providing students, researchers and art practitioners with knowledge of the history of criticism
  • Compiling and translating the sources for criticism
  • Contribution to the contemporary currents of art criticism and artistic creation

To achieve these goals, the department’s activities are mainly realized through the following formats:

  • Holding sessions, seminars and conferences, both national and international
  • Holding workshops and short courses
  • Supporting proposals connected to the department’s goals
  • Inviting prominent researchers and art practitioners to collaborate with department’s committees or to propose research collaborations