Eastern art not only refers to the celebrated regional productions such as those by Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Korean artists and artisans, but its definition also extends to those cultures that are influenced by eastern civilization. The Eastern Art Department at ARIA is focused primarily on eastern art and philosophy. Its research interests are also centered on the mutual influences of eastern cultures and Islamic thoughts on the arts of theses cultures. As one the three departments of ARIA, Eastern Art Department tries to fulfill the following goals:

  • Introducing important currents and movements of art mainly in East Asia
  • Study of cultural and artistic interactions among East Asian countries
  • Study of artistic characteristics of important eras in East Asian countries
  • investigating mutual influences of Islam and the Eastern cultures

To achieve these goals, the department’s activities are mainly realized through the following formats:

  • Holding sessions, seminars and conferences, both national and international
  • Holding workshops and short courses
  • Supporting proposals related to the department’s goals
  • Inviting prominent researchers and art practitioners to collaborate with department’s committees or to propose research collaborations